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Communication Between the School and Families

Working Together!

 Tips to communicate with the school, to better meet the needs of your child:

 1.  Contact the teacher first.  Contact through phone, letter, and/or email.

 2.  Contact the teacher as soon as you have a concern and/or question.  Do not wait.

 3.  Share your concerns and discuss how both the teacher and parents can better meet the needs of the child.

 4.  Allow time to determine if changes have been made.  Evaluate if your child is doing better.

 5.  Continue to contact and communicate with the teacher/tutors during this time. Are teachers, parents, and child all on the same page and does everyone understand the expectations of those involved?

 6.  If concerns persist and you are not satisfied with the progress, contact the principal.

Ms. Mariani



Northwest Personnel to contact for Specific Concerns:

Family changes, emotional challenges, friendship issues, etc.: 

Please contact the school counselor.

Mrs. Carrick



Bus Concerns/Issues:  

Please contact the school bus driver.  (Know your bus driver's name and bus number.)

If issue is not resolved, contact the Bus Coordinator. 

Deanna Gesaman



Absent Children:  Please report your child absent by 9:00a.m. Please call 330-854-5709.

Homework Assignments:  Know where to find a list of your child’s daily assignments.  Does his/her teacher use their classroom web page, Parent Square, or Google Classroom?  ALL students have an assignment book that should have the assignments listed daily.